Factors Influencing Women to Engage in Prostitution Research Essay

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Starting from the first group output which involved basically the proposal of topics, of course only one was chosen. Once one was chosen, ideally, at the start as a group we expected that we would be able to gather data at a wider range: participant observation, unstructured interview, and personal connections. Unfortunately, we were only able to push through with the personal connections method for data gathering. I think we were unable to conduct the participant observation because in our governance project involving the search of the factors influencing women to engage in prostitution, our age is still somehow inappropriate. In participant observation, it will involve the members itself to be at the workplace of prostitute or sex…show more content…
Sociological imagination enabled me to think outside the box, and look at the bigger picture of the problem. It let me see the reality of a problem that society chooses to ignore. Second factor that enabled me to attain the ideal practice of citizenship would be the usage of my decision-maker characteristics. As the leader of my group, it helped to understand that I needed to communicate, investigate, build, and nurture with my group mates. To communicate helped me determine the main problem we were to investigate on. After investigating on the major factors of our social problem, we needed to build or gather and make use of the information we put together. All this done in the intention of helping one another accomplish one goal: to address the social problem we as a group determined. Decision- maker characteristics enabled me to participate in the ideal practice of citizenship because it simply utilizes the capability I have to make a change in our society. It enables me to make use of the characteristics I have that is a benefit for the country. Last factor that enabled me to attain an ideal practice of citizenship would be the usage of my rights as a citizen to address a problem in society. Given the fact that I am a student, a right to education, I utilized this to understand a major problem in society and as a result freely expressed it through resources I am also free to use such as the social media sites. In conclusion, conducting this governance
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