Factors Influencing the Transition to University Service Mathematics: Part 2

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Summary of the Paper The paper entitled, ""Factors influencing the transition to university service mathematics: part 2 a qualitative study" by Liston and O'Donoghue (2010), seeks to shed light on the fact that so many university students enter the higher education setting with inadequate skills for excelling in mathematics. In this case, Liston and O'Donoghue focused on the fact that this deficiency thus meant that it would be not only a struggle for students at this level to complete their courses, but it also meant that the likelihood of them completing or pursuing careers in mathematics was extremely slim. Thus, Liston and O'Donoghue wanted to determine what the exact variables, concepts in math and teaching methods which most impacted this situation were (2010). The authors highlight how the transition to university level marks an extremely difficult period for most students; according to Liston and O'Donoghue, the starting point of their research was based on the finding that service mathematics, enjoyment of math, and math self concepts were found to be the most significant variables which impacted the performance of students in math (2010). Thus, in conducting this quantitative study, the authors wanted to determine what the precise reasons or motivations were for why certain participants in the study gave the answers they did. The data collection methods involved university participants and semi-structured interviews; the interviews
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