Factors Militating Against Effective Implementation of Nigeria (a Case Study of National Housing Policy)

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SECTION ONE 1. INTRODUCTION Housing is one of the necessities of life like food and clothing. Shelter has been universally accepted as the second most important essential human need after food. Housing in its entire ramification is more than mere shelter since it embraces all the social services and utilities that go to make a community a neighborhood and habitable. The problem is not only restricted to quantity but also to the poor quality of available housing unit and the environment. The result is manifested in the growing over crowing in houses and increasing pressure on infrastructural facilities rapidly deterioration environment. The scenario is only slightly different in the rural areas where problem is primarily…show more content…
This is what informed government decision toward making relevant policies such as national housing policy in that reward in recent times. Despite all of these efforts, not much has been achieved in that aspect due to the following reasons among others. 1. Inadequate fund: Despite the fact that sound policies made, funds released for the implementation or execution of such policies are not enough to support the entire problem. 2. Mismanagement: Lack of prudent ineffective management either in terms of misplacing of priority, siphoning of funds by the staff or distortion of overall or general master plan by the authority assigned to discharge such responsibilities. This also impedes success in that regard. 1.5 SCOPE AND LIMITATION This study covers the factors militating against effective implementation of the Nigeria National Housing Policy. The limitation experienced in the conducting. This term paper lacks enough literature on the subject matter and the problem of time and funds to visit the housing ministries in the country. This limitation notwithstanding, shall not diminish the quality of the research work as enough material were consulted. 1.6 AIMS OF THE NATIONAL HOUSING POLICY The ultimate goals or aims of the Nigeria National Housing Policy shall be to ensure that all Nigeria’s owns or have access to decent housing at affordable cost by the year

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