Mary: A Case Study Of Mental Health Issues In Children

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Mary – Case Study Mary is a 10 year old girl. For a child so young, she is going through a lot of disturbance physically, mentally and socially. By going through her case, I can say that she is having some mental health issues. Mental health is a state of well-being in which each individual is able to deal with the normal stresses of life, function well, and contribute their best to their surroundings and the society overall. This has become a topic of many discussions and research. Mental health has recently gained much importance in the society. But it was still not widely recognised that children can suffer from mental health concerns as childhood is considered to be carefree. Recently it is being recognised that many children certainly do experience mental health issues and we need to be in tune with them, in order to know their problems and provide help to them. In Mary’s case, there are various risk factors which contribute to these mental health concerns. Firstly, her biological parents got divorced and now she lives with her mother, step-father and half-brother which seem to cause anxiety. As girls in stepfather families are observed to be more anxious than girls in intact families (Children's and Parents' Observed Social Behaviour in Stepfather Families by John W. Santrock, Richard Warshak, Cheryl Lindbergh and Larry Meadows Child Development Vol. 53, No. 2 (Apr., 1982), pp. 472-480). Secondly, she is being ignored and left alone most of the time, as the mother is
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