Factors Of E-Commerce

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A STUDY ON CONSUMERS PERCEPTION AND SATISFACTION FACTORS OF MOBILE COMMERCE WITH SPECIAL REFERENCE TO THANJAVUR AND TIRCHIRAPALLI DISTRICT ABSTRACT: Mobile commerce is no more a future trend, rather a revolution, which is changing the way e-commerce business. M-Commerce is known as the next generation e-commerce. In this paper, an attempt has been made to find consumers level of perception and satisfaction towards M-Commerce. A sample of 100 respondent’s were conveniently selected from Thanjavore and Tirchirapalli Districy. Simple Percentage, Chi-square and Friedman Ranking test are used to analyse the data. The study concludes that any time any where process, quick process and low cost are the important factors that influence the perception towards M-Commerce.…show more content…
Smartphone limitation : Mobile has no big screen like desktop or laptops, so sometimes users tired to navigate more and more to choose just one item from thousands and affects shopping rates. 2. Habituate : Mobile commerce is a new application, so sometimes people avoid to change which are rapidly change. It will take some time to capture the whole market. As they are habituated to buy products from e-commerce. 3. Risk factor : Mobile commerce is the growing field and a lot of investment in this field is needed and becomes risky. Because technology changes day by day. Even though there are many security, some less security in the wireless network, so in data transfer hacking chances are more. 4. Connectivity : M- Commerce is used by the users mainly for their quick access and it needs high-speed connectivity of 3G. Otherwise, it is become hectic for the user to go through entire product purchase process. REVIEW OF
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