Factors Of Materialism

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Article 1: MATERIALISM: THE CONSTRUCT, MEASURES, ANTECEDENTS, AND CONSEQUENCES Definition: According to the authors, materialism can be commonly defined as a belief that material objects are crucial and valuable. Materialistic person is one who values material objects highly and from a sociological view, it is a culture which most people holds material as highly valuable subject. Nonetheless, the word has a secondary meaning as it is an implicit and usually negative-value judgement to the degree where people who are described as being materialistic commonly held to have a concern with only material things rather than important spiritual or intellectual fixation. However, the authors discussed the articles openly with the possibility of having both positive and negative consequences. They also using the term that merely denote the degree to which individuals or groups value material possessions. Measures: The authors mentioned and discussed numbers of approaches in terms of materialism measures. Of these measures, those by Belk and Richins have been mainly stressed as it is claimed as the most widely used in marketing. In summary, three measures of materialistic traits are possessiveness, non-generosity, and envy. Both researchers seem to…show more content…
Since there is no integrated theory of materialism, ideas about the causes of materialism may be derived from a wide variety of theoretical and ethical perspectives. Generated as they are by different perspectives, the propositions laid down here are only loosely connected to each other and are, in some cases, contradictory. For the innate materialism, they stated two factors which are • Sex
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