Factors Of Recruitment To Retain Competitive Advantage

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Effective Recruitment to

Retain Competitive Advantage

*Dr.K.Rajam &**Ms.V.Sumathi


InHumanResourceManagement, Recruitment plays a vital role for achieving their organisational goals. It is a process to find or hire the employees and also includes the best and most qualified employees with the introduction of the organisation. This process includes the analysis of requirement activities such as specific job, Application received from the attracting persons, Screening the applications as per our job specialisation and finally select the right person for the right job. This paper describes about the Recruitment, Process, Factors affecting and Best Practices in recruiting while selecting the employees.

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The following are the major or primary factors affecting the recruitment.
 Size of the Firm or Enterprise: The first and foremost factor is size of the company. If the company is in large size the recruitment has been made at regular intervals.
So it creates more employment opportunities to the new employees. But in small scale sector the process is made only at the time vancancies needed. So this factor influences more affect to the enterprises.
 Nature of the Employment: The economic employment conditions will affect greater level recruitment. In developed economic countries educational and technological skilled persons are most available. If the availability of skilled persons is high selection process is very easy to the organization. But in developing countries the skilled persons are not available due to lack of education. So the selection process is not applicable for the developing countries due to shortage of skilled …show more content…

So while applying the recruitment processes the following best practices will be followed for getting the best employees to the enterprises. Select skilled employees and give effective training to them. Cordial relationship between the Hiring managers and Recruitment consultant. Innovate New website for career opportunities offered by the organization Using updated technical tools and services. The HR manager having good relationship among the employees Counter salvation of stress management Maintain the automatic streamline of recruitment process Conclusion From the above study, I conclude my recruitment process tells about the Right person for the Right Job. For that, the organization must follow the above good working conditions along with the best pay band to the employees will helps to achieve the organization goal. Best practices tools and technologies will play a whitewall role for the firm achievements.

1. The Management must maintain the records related to the recruitment process every stage
2. The firm gets the feedback from the employees at regular

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