Factors Promoting Higher Divorce Rates Essay

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The traditional family clan that we are all acquainted with, the father, the mother and their offspring, has been consistently losing ground, in fact, the tendency does not appear to slow down, in other words, it is hastening to extinction. Data from the Bureau of Census Statistical Abstract of the United States published that in 1890 the ratio divorce to marriage was one divorce for every 18 marriages. More than 100 years later, in 2005, the divorce rate had impressively incremented to an astounding rate of one divorce for every 2.1 marriages. Therefore, this augments represents a 40 percent increase in divorce rate in a 100 year period. Additional information found in Hunt/Colander’s Social Science textbook reveals that 40 percent of…show more content…
These are kids from married couples living in delightful homes possessing numerous characteristics of the homes of split parents. This scenery may support the theory of the higher divorce rate among children of divorced parents. They are children of modern couples’ homes which are similar in many aspects to children of divorced couples’ homes; absent parents. If a kid has lived most of his maturing life cherished by school teachers and a nanny at home and only rare quality time with mom and dad at the end of the day when they are exhausted and eagle for a rest, those kids in such little time will have little to absorb from their parents’ culture, values and traditions. They may not be children of a hundred percent divorced parents, but they are having a life, or perhaps a semi-life, of a semi-broken family. Back in the 30s when a pure homemaker-mom was not a relic, and divorce rates were at five and a half percent versus fifty percent today, people were happier, at least that what they said. The primarily factor for the latest wave of divorces have been blamed on women, since men have
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