Factors Promoting Primary School Absenteeism and Decreased Academic Performance

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Abstract The paper presents the methodology chapter that focuses on the aspects of absenteeism within the primary school students and how it affects their academic performance as well as the school success. The paper presents the different stages of the methodology form the recognition of the chosen subjects to the data collection process to the ethical concerns, shortcomings and validity of the research Introduction: The research question for this study is: What factors promote primary school absenteeism and decreased academic performance? The two dependent variables here are of course absenteeism and academic performance and the independent variables thus far recognized in the literature review include: health concerns like phobia, abusive childhood experiences, pressure of grades and scores, amongst others. The research question is integral in understanding the main reason that lead to increased absenteeism in students as well as potential dropping out inclinations which will also help identify the steps that can be taken to counter these aspects. Also the overall academic success and its link to absenteeism will also be recognized and any strong indicators for improving academic success through decreasing absenteeism will also be identified and strategized/designed for practical application. Methodology: The methodology chapter will be focused on accomplishing two objectives: 1) it will detail the methodology being utilized for this research study and 2)

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