Factors Responsible For The Global Financial Crisis

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In this essay, we are trying to look at the factors responsible for the global financial crisis in 2008-09 which started in US and later spread across the world. By now, a lot of studies have been done on the global financial crisis of 2008. We explain briefly the role of the financial engineering which leads to combination of various financial securities, the actual risk of which is not clearly assessed and hence leading to the financial crisis. There were also some serious lapses in regulation and failure of the rating agencies in assessing the risks assumed by the financial products which accentuated the crisis.
In the USA and other developed countries, financial engineering created financial derivatives and financial
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Economic derivatives could be so unsafe that they could even a great cause of financial disasters. This is because many investors turn to financial derivatives market to direct them into future funding, rather than of observing at the genuine market. This can lead to market distortions and hence can be extended to other parties of the market connected in the market and thus financial position of a country can be obstructed badly. Derivative instruments were created after 1970s as a way to manage risk and create insurance downside. They were created in response to the frequent oil market shocks, inflation and drops in the stock markets. Hence the initial intend was to defend against the risk and protect against the downside. However, the derivatives became speculative tools often used to take more risk in order to maximize profits and returns. Derivatives do ensure against the risk when used properly, but when the packaged instruments became too complicated that neither the borrowers nor the rating agencies understood them or their risk and hence the initial premise just failed. Not only did investors, like pension fund, got stuck holding securities that in reality turned out to be equally as risky as holding the underlying loans, bank got stuck as well. Banks held many of these instruments on their books as a source of fixed income requirements and hence using these derivatives instruments as a collateral. However, later it was found out that they had less
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