Factors Responsible For The Shortage Of Nurses Essay

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Healthcare organizations are composed of expertly trained workers whose goal is to meet the health-related needs of people. Nursing services are an integral part of healthcare organizations. However, the shortage of qualified nurses has been highlighted as one of the greatest blockages to accomplishing the health organization 's goals. How should the shortage of nurses be identified today? In order to answer this question, this research paper would focus on identifying the factors responsible for the shortage of nurses and possible solutions to it. Nursing is the fundamental part of healthcare services.The lack of nurses is not new and has been progressing in numerous countries for not less than a decade.The statistical data shows that about 73% of doctors reported that nurses can deal with the cases in which they tend to. Such a finding demonstrates, to the point that expanding the quantity of nursing services, along with the expansion of their roles in different medicinal service settings could emphatically impact quiet care crosswise over healthcare realms (Donelan,2013). The research also suggests that around 120,000 nurses will leave the workforce by 2016, bringing about the comparative nursing work power demographics watched 10 years before.(Straiger,2012). To find out the reason behind this kind of shortage of nurses, this research paper will utilize scientific literature and other relevant documents. Through the analysis, the paper will argue about the factors

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