Factors Responsible for the Outbreak of the Haitian Revolution

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Resistance is commonly known as a fight or the opposition of the system of slavery, whereas, revolt is the refusal to obey or confirm to a certain order. One of the main resistance and revolt that occurred in the Caribbean was the Haitian Revolution. This School Based Assessment (SBA) is aimed at identifying the main causes and effects of the Haitian Revolution. Another aim off this school Based Assessment is to seek to find out why most slave protest and rebellions failed to destroy the system of slavery.

Factors that were responsible for the outbreak of the Haitian revolution

Class division was a major factor, which contributed to the outbreak of the Haitian Revolution. In St Domingue, there was segregation among the
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In essence, the Estate General members converted themselves into a National Assembly and issued the ‘Declaration of Right of Man’, which stated ‘men are born free and equal in rights’. As a result, this facet gave the French Revolution its solang of ‘Liberty, ‘Equality’ and ‘Fertunity’. This meant, that France will no longer be ruled on an absolute monarchy with feudal privileges for the aristocracy and churches. Furthermore, the Estate General now known as the National Assembly seized all the wealthy churches properties and took the king and queen captive. Thus, the city was left in their hands.
Moreover, the solang of the French Revolution was adapted by all the classes in St Domingue. Consequently, the Grand Blancs of St Domingue were listening to the French Revolution, and decided to send representatives to France’s Estate General meeting, where they asked for political freedom. However, without waiting on the decision of the National Assembly, they set up Provincial Assemblies and denied the other classes representations.
The formulation of the National Assembly in St. Domingue gave way to numerous minor revolts, which occurred. Therefore, this factor was also responsible for the outbreak of the Haitian revolution. The grand blancs denied the mulattoes representation in the assembly, but later on, managed to pacify the colored’s by allowing them equality with the whites in the military. However, in
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