Factors Responsible for the Probability of Divorce

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Probability of Divorce: Contrary to the reality in western industrialized nations, there is a common assumption that longer life-spans contribute to longer marriages. As the average length of marriage remains significantly the same, the reason for the end of marriage has changed from death to divorce. Actually, it's currently estimated that half of marriages in the United States will end either in separation or divorce before the 20th wedding anniversaries of the couples. The other half of these marriages will last for another 40 50 years and end in the death of one of the spouse. In addition, the possibility of a first marriage to end in separation or divorce is 20 percent and highest during the first five years of marriage. On the contrary, the likelihood of a ten-year old first marriage in America to end in divorce or separation lowers to 33 percent ("Longevity of Marriage and the Likelihood of Divorce", n.d.). Understanding Divorce: As many people have discovered, divorce is a process that usually takes several months or even years rather than a single event. The process of complete divorce sometimes takes as long to finalize just like marriage takes to dissolve, which depends on the degree of marriage commitment and its length. While the process of divorce usually dissolves the legal marital relationship, there are other effects that are not dissolved by the process. Some of these aspects or effects include the economic, parental, emotional, psychic, and
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