Factors That Affect A Child 's Development

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Development occurs within a child through psychological, biological, and emotional changes. It is a continuous process as each person progresses into their unique identity. Before a person can mature and assume their identity, they have to successfully complete the eight stages. According to Erikson, each stage is characterized by a “crisis” where psychological challenges would be resolved as the person move from each stage. Unfortunately, many factors can hinder a child’s development. This brings about the argument of all time, nature verses nurture. Nature where genetics is an important factor in influencing a child at an early age, and nurture where the environment plays a significant role in influencing a child. An innocent baby is easily molded, but what should be the main focus when raising this baby? Why do some children grow up to be successful while others do not? It should not be a question of nature or nurture, but a combination of both. It goes far beyond genetics alone. However, the starting point is nature where the parent sets the wheel in motion. Every parent has their own style, or idea of raising a child. This plays a significant, if not detrimental role in a child’s success, or failure then ultimately their identity. From a psychological standpoint, every individual goes through eight stages before accomplishing a healthy resolution of identity. Each stage has various challenges referred to as a crisis. As was previously stated, Erik Erikson proposed…
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