Factors That Affect A Fluctuation On Interest Rates From The Federal Reserve

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Methods To enhance the data, I gathered for my research and bring it all together, I conducted three semi-structured interviews to help me uncover a better understanding of what the impact on a fluctuation in interest rates from the Federal Reserve has on the economy and market in the U.S and other countries. During this time, I had three participants who donated their time to tell me a little more about themselves and what they knew about my topic. Participant 1, was a sixty-one-year-old male whom is a finance professional, as is he also a finance professor at Pace University. The knowledge he provided to me was very educational and helped me understand a little more about the missing information I needed to obtain from my literature…show more content…
Participant 1 was my number one choice, and once a date and time was scheduled I conducted the face to face interview that lasted approximately nine minutes. Participant 2 sparked my interest because of the knowledge I knew he had on the stock market and immediately knew he would be the perfect fit as one of my interviewees. We had the date and time set for a face to face interview and it lasted approximately eleven minutes. Participant 3 is very educated and has experience with the stock market and because of his knowledge I chose him to be my third interviewee. Participant three was my first phone interview and it lasted around eight minutes. After completing these three interviews I started my transcribing and coding process. This process definitely took some time to get used to, actually it’s still very complicated. I found myself keep rewinding back to get all of the exact detail, and everything that was said every few seconds. My procedure for this was to listen through the whole interview one time to see the tempo of how the interviewee was talking. I wanted to get used to the sound of his voice and the dialect he talked with. The second time I listened I would type as much as I could for one question I asked, and then go back to see what I missed, and keep doing this. As tough as it was I got through it and it was a great experience. Results The results from the study of the lasting effects a
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