Factors That Affect Children With Learning Disabilities Essay

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In the last two decades, doctors and psychologists have gained the ability to diagnose specific disorders in children due to advancements in research studies and technology. One of the major classification of disorders that affect children in middle childhood are learning disabilities. Learning disabilities are a group of disorders characterized by inadequate development of specific academic, language, and speech skills. Speech disorders, Physical disabilities, and Social and Emotional disorders are all types of disorders that can affect and disrupt a child’s ability to learn and acquire new knowledge and skills. A child is considered to have a learning disability when they perform below the expected level of intelligence for their age and there is no evidence of other mental or physical handicaps, such as vision or hearing problems, intellectual disability, or socioeconomic disadvantage. Children with learning disabilities can all exhibit different types of symptoms and repercussions such as problems with math, reading, and writing, articulating speech and understanding spoken language, and motor coordination. For most kids with learning disabilities, these problems can last through adulthood. Fortunately, with early recognition and proper treatment, many individuals can learn and acquire the tools and knowledge to overcome or compensate for their disability. Two of the most common learning disabilities in middle childhood that affect the child inside and outside of the
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