Factors That Affect Interpersonal Relationships

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The Chilean Doctor Alejandra Godoy, states that there are mainly four types of attachments. On the one hand, there is secure attachment which is positive, and on the other side, there are three different styles of insecure attachment; the anxious, the avoidant and the ambivalent. The attachment, specifically the anxious attachment, is an affective bond that is developed during the first years of life, but some people keep it up to adults, which I strongly believe that negatively affects their interpersonal relationships and their self-esteem. Relationships consume a huge part of the emotional energy to people with this type of attachment. In addition, it makes them easily upset.. When something does not turn out as expected, the symptoms of nervousness, anxiety and depression begin, so these people, who are victims of this strong bond, tend to suffer more in their relationships and in their personal lives.
It is very common for people with anxious attachment to be very possessive in their relationships. In general, they tend to confuse love with the need to belong to someone. The couple's relationship consumes much of the emotional energy in people with this bond and makes them easily upset. If this is what happens, it is not love what they really feel; it is the activated anxious attachment system. Frequently, fears and doubts arise about the other on the relationship. A person with these symptoms confuses love with his/ her attachment symptoms, stops having an independent
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