Factors That Affect Managers Globally : Cultural Linked Leaderships, Reasons Why Senior Management Derail

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In today’s global business environment, many organizations are trading in different countries. ”Currently, more than 280 corporate and almost 40 franchise stores serve consumers in the 14 countries where we operate outside of South Africa” (www.shopriteholdings.co.za). More managers are receiving offers to work in other countries despite cultural differences; I am an example of such managers because I was given a chance to join Shoprite Angola from Namibia. Despite cultural differences, we are expected to perform and show good leadership skills. Furthermore, Managers are expected to overcome challenges through real leadership ability.
According to Gratton (2008) of the London Business School, “one of the most crucial organizational levels in the creation of cooperative working environments and collaborative teams is managers who coach and mentor others”. Harms, P. & D. Roebuck, (2010).
For this assignment I am looking at some of the factors that affect Managers globally: Cultural linked leaderships, Reasons why senior management derail and Why is it difficult to find good managers:
1. Culturally-Linked Leadership Styles. Jogulu, U., (2010)
In this journal the author’s aim is to identify the impact of leadership styles on culture. The primary focus is on Transactional and Transformational Leadership style. The research found that in transactional leadership, people are expected to take order while in transformational, leaders play a co-ordinating role, Jogulu…
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