Factors That Affect Medical Errors

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Factors That Can Contribute to Medical Errors When it comes to health care and mistakes; consequences could be as minor as a rash to as major as loss of life. Making prevention a true part of care or cure, is to the most benefit to hospitals. Identification of the factors which lead to human error and implement procedures in order reduce serious mistakes is the top priority within governmental health care settings. In the health care there are several defenses in place that must fail in order for a detrimental or life threatening events to happen. Failure of these mechanism that impedes in harmful outcomes is known as a near miss. There are several factors that result in these mistakes. Human error is the greatest risk factor. “The American health care delivery system is in need of fundamental change,” (Reiling, 2007, p. 11). With human error being the number one reason for medical mistakes there are six factors within two specific categories that research has linked to human errors in medical care. Individual factors, the responsibility of the caregiver and environmental factors, the responsibility of the hospital are the two categories in which the six factors are found. The three factors within the category of responsibility of the caregiver are fatigue, emotional stress, and multitasking. The primary factor is fatigue. Sleep deprivation results in caregivers’ error-prone judgement and can be compared to the same as a driver’s performance that is under the influence
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