Factors That Affect Political Attitudes Of Voters

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There is a wide range of factors that influenced people when they cast their secret votes on Election Day. The main research question driven by our survey was to know the factors that shape political attitudes of voters. One of the main political attitude that we are looking at in this research is party affiliation. In order to figure this out, out survey has been grounded around three mains theories. The three main theories that we tested in our survey was about the tendency of certain demographic group to support particular parties, the influence of childhood environment on party identification and the myth of independents voters. The first theory discussed had been discussed in the Chapter 7 “Party Coalition and Party Change” shows how races, age, educational background and demographic location have influence party coalitions. According to that theory, young, women, and racial minorities tend to affiliate themselves with democrats whereas healthy white, evangelical white programs tend to affiliate themselves with republicans.
The second theory in the chapter 6 about “Party identification” identifies how family, relative, and many others religious group influence party affiliation. According to this theory, children tend to grow up and vote the way their parents do. Therefore, families have the first and the most lasting influence on young people 's developing political opinions. As this children get older, various others group such as relatives and religious group…
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