Factors That Affect The Development Of Young Adults

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Kelly like many adolescents’ has a myriad of biological changes occurring during this time in her life puberty, sexual maturation, increases in height and weight, as well as changes in her body composition. Even though the progression of these events during puberty is somewhat consistent among adolescents, differences can be found; in Kelly’s case an early growth spurt separated her from her peers. Early Sexual development and dramatic changes in body composition such as weight gain or growth spurts can lead to body uncertainty among adolescents, leading to the development of poor body image which in turn may lead to an increased risk of health-compromising behaviors. Kelly like many adolescents is experiencing dramatic biological changes related to puberty; these biological changes can significantly affect psychosocial development. An increased awareness of sexuality and a heightened preoccupation with body image are significant psychosocial conditions during adolescence. Peer influence is a prevailing psychosocial issue during adolescence; young adults are highly cognizant of their physical appearance and social behaviors, and thus actively seek acceptance within a peer group often changing their own behaviour in order to belong. This is most likely the reason for Kelly changing her appearance and behaviour as she has begun to hang out with a new group of friends with different norms. Early maturing female teens like Kelly are also at increased risk for engaging in
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