Factors That Affect The Growth Of A Country Essay

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Throughout the world, the growth of a country fluctuate every year. Many factors that affect the growth are population, income, and poverty. These factors can make the different economies to become competitive, especially when each economy want to be on top. With this being said, it leads to inflation. Inflation is an important factor that influences to country to become better or not. Although, inflation can be a scary thought, many countries has to balance inflation with each other in order to balance the currencies. Many measurements are taken and will determined the health of each country. Economy Many economy throughout the world is affected by numerous things (OpenStax, 2015). These numerous situation can be geographic, population, poverty, and etc (OpenStax, 2015). These things play an important role in each country and will determined the GDP or PPP of a country (OpenStax, 2015). Some countries can have a great amount of international trades because of the coastline while some have more resources (OpenStax, 2015). Also, some countries have more market-orientated while some has technology (OpenStax, 2015). Even though some countries is benefitted more than others, they all still has to balance inflation or currency with each other (OpenStax, 2015). Growth and Interest Rates Throughout the countries, there is an established growth and interest rate (OpenStax, 2015). The rate depends upon many different categorizes including trade,
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