Factors That Affect The Holiday Taking Decision Making Process

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Who makes the decisions in the family holiday-taking decision-making process? Critically evaluate this question by means of a detailed literature review. The purpose of this essay is to explore and document the different influences that can impact the holiday-taking decision-making process, particularly looking at the role of tweens and their voice regarding the role they play in up-front vacation decision-making. Also this essay will be looking at the role spouses play, how the family decision making process has evolved of the past couple of decades and looking at factors which effect the decision making process. Why do tourists travel and who makes that decision to go? This is a fundamental question that tourism researchers are constantly seeking to answer. Over the past couple of decades we can see, through research, how tourism as a subject has grown considerably (Hall and Page, 2002). Tourists are not all alike and in fact are staggeringly diverse in age, level of affluence, motivation and preferred activities (Pearce, 2005). The pattern behind tourists could be explained in terms of individual choice. However, as individuals we still don’t have limitless choices and inevitably our actions are influenced by a combination of opportunities and constraints (Page and Connell, 2009). In addition, Argyle (1996) also acknowledges that other factors such as social class, age, gender, unemployment, personality, and social relations affect leisure
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