Factors That Affect The Individual Affects The Entire System

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All of us are a part of many systems throughout our lives. By definition, a system is a group of people that interact and form a whole. A system could be a family, working relationships, organizations or friendships. Over the course of our lives we will find ourselves connected to several systems. Just like a computer system, the people in your system play a very important role. Members in a system must work together for a purpose. Members that maintain a positive, secure relationships will see the system thrive and remain healthy. Negative, insecure relationships cause disruptions and if not corrected, the system fails. Members of a system do not exist as individuals. Whatever affects the individual affects the entire system. Counselors…show more content…
Individuals are best understood in the context of their families. Using a system perspective allows the counselor to shift the focus from the individual to patterns in their relationship. The behaviors of one member are linked to the behaviors of another member. With this revelation, we understand how the system functions and not just one member’s symptoms. According to Murray Bowen, our family history molds and shapes our values, thoughts and experiences. These make molds are often passed from one generation to the next. We carry values and thoughts into other systems. Conflicts arise when those values aren 't respected and clash with another member’s values. Counselors using a systems perspective have a different view on client situations then counselors using a tradition perspective. A good therapist knows that rather than specific cause and effect, there are complex interconnections between members that make up a whole. Counselors must help the clients to h deist and that once there are changes in one member belonging to the system there are changes In the other parts as well. Talking with clients should Facilitate the uncovering of complex transgenerational interconnections within the client’s system, and reveal how this may be affecting the client in the present. Many clients who have agreed to go to counseling tend to see everyone else as the problem but never themselves. They
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