Factors That Affect The Management Of A Global Workforce

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FACTORS THAT AFFECT THE MANAGEMENT OF A GLOBAL WORKFORCE Coca-Cola, a multi-national beverage corporation and manufacturer, started as a medicine sold in a small pharmacy that John Pemberton made in his backyard. This brand grew world wide through strategic marketing and affective global management. Managing a company globally is a tough task because there are several factors that affect a global workforce. The first challenge one may think of when determining the factors that affect the management of a global workforce may be the difference in language. This factor is actually small when compared to other differences needing to be addressed when businesses plan to become multinational. Major factors may include the differences in…show more content…
This may not go so well in developed economies where demotions are more often perceived as a step toward getting fired than as a motivational tactic. These may seem like small barriers but when they 're added up, these barriers can prove to be serious obstacles. If Coca Cola had a Europe branch manager based in Germany who wanted to hire someone in France, the paperwork that is needed to be completed would be in French and will ask for information based on French laws and customs that 'll probably be unfamiliar to the German manager. If this same challenge repeats itself through the whole employee lifecycle, (from hiring, to development, to retention), the manager’s obstacles can increase dramatically and the company may drop the ball in executing the entire global plan. Differences in Educational Systems: Cheap labor doesn 't necessarily mean skilled labor. Many countries can offer a large number of workers but most of these individuals will need some type of training. A company may save money by hiring cheap labor but the cost of their training may not prove to be profitable. On the same token, pulling skilled workers with higher education may be more expensive than training existing employees. Also, countries with high education standards will have regulations and laws that make it even more costly on top of higher wage requirements. When Coca Cola decided to manufacter their
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