Factors That Affect The Mental Process

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Conducting behavioral research is an important aspect in regards to studies because the research gathered can assure behavioral characteristics are correct and correlate to the study. When conducting research, it is imperative that we manage systematic and careful observations. It is important to know that although research is used to gather information, it may not yield accurate results. Some observations that are collected by researchers may conflict with one another however; this is vital data that is necessary for the process. Different opinions are helpful in order to determine the different ways behaviors occur and interact. Behaviors such as the mental process cannot be observed directly, which makes research more difficult in…show more content…
The primary aspect of scientific method is observation. There are four facets that are important to keep in mind during this procedure: empiricism, determinism, parsimony and testability. Empiricism ensures the investigation relies on observations. For this particular study, entering the prisons to view the male inmates’ behaviors before and after meditation programs are implemented can be incorporated into our research study. Observing the inmates will give insight on understanding the causes of particular behaviors. We, as a researcher, rely on our own observations instead of relying on other methods such as authority, which can lead to faulty evidence. Not all authority figures are similar in their thinking processes nor do all encompass accurate data. Witnessing the male inmates in their “new” normal, uncontrolled environment, because there is no limiting factors. Asking the inmates to fill out a survey pertaining to violence and their childhood will aid in the measurements of moods. We will include open ended as well as close-ended responses to receive better data and insight on the thought process. Determinism is the phenomena in which the world and behaviors of humans occur naturally and have identifiable causes. The purpose of naturalistic observation is to monitor behaviors within the participants’ normal setting. We must gain knowledge of the specific
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