Factors That Affect The Rate Of The United States

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Hispanics homicide victims got sentences that was 31% shorter than whites (Curry, 2010). When it came to robbery Hispanics had longer sentences than whites. The race of the offender showed on difference with sentencing in his study. He also found that the relationship between the victim and offender did affect the length of sentencing by having longer sentencing. The homicide victimization of a female that is white led to a sentence that was longer than any race of males (Curry, 2010). They had a 50% increase in sentence length, while Hispanics has 34% increase in sentence length (Curry, 2010, p. 452).
13.) Having the right to vote is very important in a democracy. Depending on the state felon disenfranchisement laws takes away offender right to vote either temporarily or permanently (Gabbidon & Greene, 2012, ch8). After the Civil War there was provisions made which was done to weaken the voting strength among the racial groups. When taken into account of disenfranchise inmates the democratic candidates would get about 7 of every 10 vote that was done by a felon or ex-felon in 14 of the 15 U.S senate elections (Gabbidon & Greene, 2012, ch8). By removing this, felon disenfranchise has given a small advantage to Republicans in every presidential and senatorial election from 1972 to 2000 (Gabbidon & Greene, 2013, p 279). Allowing felons to vote would change the political scene. For example if this was allowed in the state of Florida then Al Gore would have won the state and…
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