Factors That Affect The Recruitment Process

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Khurana, Khurana & Singh (2010), say though recruitment is about searching the prospective employee and encouraging them to apply for the job, this process is affected by many factors. They indicated that the size of the company has direct influence on the recruitment process. The recruitment policy of the company pertaining to their internal candidates requires companies to try and fill in the job first with the available internal candidates. The reservation policy of the government directly affects the recruitment process. Recruitment ratio is increased when the working conditions of the company is able to attract many employees. Raj (2007) says recruitment provides an opportunity for both the organisation as well as the candidates to…show more content…
2.4 Effective recruitment policies and organisational success Sahu (n.d) say that the success or failure of an organisation depends on the people who are associated with it. Having the right quality of manpower is critical for the success of an organisation; hence recruitment becomes the first step taken towards the success of the organisation. This becomes the key for the growth as well as survival of the organisation in the current uncertain and highly competitive business environment. Raju (2006) stated poor recruitment process showcases negative impact on the organisation. The failure to generate quality number of qualified candidates can be costly to an organisation in many manners. Poor recruitment process will lead to low quality selection standards. The poor selection of candidates mean, the company has to bear extra cost in training as well as supervision. In case recruitment is unable to meet the requirement of organisation in terms of required talent, the company might have to increase the entry level pay for the candidates adding to their cost. 7 of 17 3. Outline methodology The research methodology can be defined as the framework that serves as the foundation of any research. Basically methodology outlines all the phases through which the researcher will be conducting the research (Jha, 2010). 3.1 Research paradigm Brown (2008) says that
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