Factors That Affect The Severity Of The Illness

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Depending on the severity of the illness, there are three different phases that are used throughout nursing interventions. The first phase is the acute phase which consists of safety and preventing injury. It is crucial to identify who is at high risk for suicide. Establishing a therapeutic relationship may facilitate this assessment. It’s important for the nurses to allow the patient to express their feelings without feeling judged. When the patient expresses thoughts of suicide, they must be taken seriously. Exploring if there is a plan or not also shows the severity of suicidal thoughts. During this time, patients need to be informed that he or she is in a safe environment to ensure a peaceful and restful milieu. One way to reduce the risk of suicide is to help the patient identify triggers that lead to depressive or manic episodes. Although the risk of suicide is high, some patients may exhibit self-harming behaviors which include: scratching, cutting burning, and head banging. The behaviors are often used as a relief mechanism. To enhance therapeutic communication, the nurse and the patient need to establish trustful rapport. Some techniques that can be used to allow the patient to feel comfortable with the nurse are to talk about entertainment shows they enjoy, talk about music, take a walk, or even drink coffee together. While developing a therapeutic relationship, it is important that respect and boundaries are established. The nurse needs to be
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