Factors That Affect The Timeliness Of Financial Reporting Essay

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CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background Investment options are very diverse and complex currently. An investor can invest their fund into every investment that attracts them. One of the investment options in Indonesia is share investment in Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX). An investor can do investment by purchasing shares from listed company. Before the investors make decision, they need relevance and timely information to analyze the targeted company’s performance. Investors gain the company’s information from the issuance of audited financial statements. Information will be useful if the information is presented accurately, precisely, and in timely manner. This research is conducted with the purpose to study about the factors that affect the timeliness of financial reporting. The factors that will be examined in this research are profitability, total debt to total asset, debt to equity, public accounting firm size, committee audit, total asset, company’s age, and market capitalization. Profitability measures the company’s ability to generate profit in their business. If the company experiences losses, management tends to delay the releasing of annual financial statement in order to avoid the discomfort of communicating as a bad news (Modugu et.al 2012) and if the company experiences profits, management tends to issue the annual financial statement as soon as possible. Total debt to total assets measured the proportion of total assets financed by the company’s creditors. If
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