Factors That Affect The World That Can Impact The Way A Person Develops

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There are many different things in the world that can impact the way a person develops. One of the main developmental influences in a child’s or person’s life is their parent’s and a stable home. Unfortunately, in today’s society, many families are a result of divorce and it is progressively impacting the way people develop. From a researcher’s standpoint, the view of family has changed dramatically over the past few years and roughly half of today’s families have suffered from divorce (Abbey & Dallos, 2004). When parents who have children together decide to separate they need to think of all the possible outcomes, one of them being how their children will react. Each individual copes with things differently. One child could lash out at…show more content…
This can cause tension between siblings and lead to a poor relationship, especially if they chose different parents. Another factor that impacts a child’s development is the departure of one parent from the house. Some children will not get to see that parent for days, weeks, months, or even years, depending on their situation (Kelly, 2003). This can be devastating to a child that has a strong attachment to both parents or the parent that they no longer get to see on a daily basis. For younger children, the leaving of one parent may make them feel scared that the other parent will leave as well. This will cause the child to become increasingly clingy, wanting to sleep in the parents bed, and they will have increased anxiety (Dowling & Gorell-Barnes, 1999). It is also a disruption in the child’s life when a parent finds a new partner and introduces them into their child’s life. Although the well-being of a child has improved in families that has step-parents versus families without a step-parent, getting used to having a step-parent is hard and a big change for children (Moxnes, 2003). Children worry about what their step-parent will be like, if they will like them, and if they will try to replace their biological parents. Step-parents are also an issue in children’s development because some believe that their parents pay more
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