Factors That Affect Your Behavior

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Understanding Motivation
Mankind derives their motivation from five varying sources. Physiological factors are motivations such as when sexual interests are developed by specific areas of the brain or hormones. Motivation also impacts our behavior. We have a motive to get fed, quench our thirst, and take a nap. Humans are also motivated by our emotions, such as love, hate, envy, and fear. These can cause our behavior to change in any drastic direction, from donating to the poor or senseless violence. Cognitive factors are motivations that affect your behavior by how you look at the world, personal beliefs, and your physical capabilities. The final factor of motivation comes from social and environmental motivations. Examples of this factor include anything from parents and teachers to televisions and the internet. (Bernstein 2014, p. 298)
The gist of this passage is letting the readers know exactly how much we are affected by the word 'motivation '. Motivation causes us to eat, drink, sleep, entertain ourselves, and become better. We would not have any reason or purpose to grow if we did not have motivation. We would not feel or react if we did not have motivation. As people, we will always have drive to better ourselves and we will always be able to acquire a motive that allows to get up and at least satisfy our basic needs as living beings. If a human was born without motivation, the would not live long enough for others to have a real memory of them. Motivation is…
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