Factors That Affect Your Diet

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Some ways in which I could modify my diet to ensure that I make better choices and receive all of the recommended amounts could be to include more salads and vegetable options in my diet. One excellent way to combine a large amount of fresh vegetables into any meals is to make a vibrant salad as part of the main meal, or on the side in addition to a nutritious meal. Sautéing vegetables such as peppers, onions, squash, and zucchini lightly in a small amount of extra virgin olive oil becomes a great side dish. Snacking on fruit is an easy fix, just buy more fruit and eat them as a snack, rather than choosing a fatty snack, or a high protein snack. Loading up on grains through eating high grain foods such as oatmeal for breakfast is easy and a healthy choice, which is also low in sugar unless additional fruit or honey is added to it. Alternatively, I could also obtain daily grains from brown rice, barley, wheat bread, and corn, my favorite vegetable. Dairy and fats are an easy fix for some, however, I must be careful with my intake of milk namely since I often have a slightly negative reaction to it. In the past, I have claimed that I am lactose intolerant, though I continue to eat dairy such as cheese and I continue to drink milk with my cereal. Regardless of the fact I have never been diagnosed by a doctor with it, my grandmother has an allergy and I almost always have an upset stomach when I drink milk. Though it is slightly irresponsible not to acknowledge a food allergy,
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