Factors That Affect a Business Essay

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INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS CASE STUDY Assignment 11/29/2014 CASE STUDY OF DECEMBER 2014 ABE EXAMS Suggested questions 1) Using the PESTLE framework, analyse JCB global environment - Political factor: JCB political risk is not specified in the case study. But as a multinational, it is impacted by the political decisions of countries where it operates. According to the text, JCB is in a position of prevention. The company is implemented in countries where political riks are low. Even if they have potential market to sell compaction equipment in key developing country such as Africa, they are not ready to enter this market if there are no favorable political conditions. Control or restriction of…show more content…
| |Category |Heavy Equipment | |Sector |Heavy equipment and engineering | |Tagline/ Slogan |A truly world-class company | |USP |Strong and high performance products and solutions to meet global customers' needs | |STP | |Segment |People and businesses who want products and services for Construction Equipment | |Target Group |People or Business expecting high performance products and unrivalled customer service | |Positioning |Providing the best equipments in the industry through focus on both process innovation as well | | |as product innovation based on customers’ needs | |SWOT Analysis |
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