Factors That Affect the Academic Performance of the Student Using Computer

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By Kirk A. Johnson, Ph.D.
Few would argue that advanced teacher training does not make a difference in student achievement. In fact, Professor William Sanders of the University of Tennessee argues persuasively that "the single most dominant factor affecting student academic gain is teacher effect."1 However, little statistical research is available for evaluating which type of training and teaching degree has the best effect on student achievement. As the demand for higher academic achievement and accountability in public education grows, it is important to determine whether teachers who hold advanced degrees in education as a general field are more effective than those who have degrees in specific subjects like English or math.
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As put forward by Hijaz and Naqvi, there are many ways to weigh up different factors, which can affect performance of students. It is most likely, that there is no universally accepted method to measure the performance of students.
Literature Review Performance of a student depends upon many factors. Nevertheless, three factors, family, teacher, and personal profile of students are most likely critical (Diaz, 2003). Significance of factors may vary depending upon the context, culture, level of education etc. Family interaction and Socio
Economic Status (SES) of family can play an important role in the performance of students. As said by Schulz (2005), "The socio-economic status of families has been consistently found to be an important variable in explaining variance in student’s achievement" (p. 3). Schulz explains that family can contribute in many ways, for instance; it can provide financial, moral, and other necessary and useful support to a student. They can provide a stimulating home environment to promote cognitive development. All the same, the personal attention of a family and its members is a strong variable. As identified by Hijaz and Naqvi (2006), merely access to better resources does not provide guarantee for better performance of students and have established a negative correlation between the income of a family and performance of a student. It may vary from situation to situation. Nevertheless, it is difficult to refute and defy the role of family in
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