Factors That Are Used For Keeping A Business Good Shape Through The Means Of Marketing

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This report is focused on the strategies that are used to keep a business in good shape through the means of marketing. In any business marketing is a necessary tool that has proven itself in many businesses and large organizations such as MacDonald’s and Ford etc. After doing some research about the reasons companies such as those mentioned are quite successful and continue to exist throughout multiple generations is because they constantly adjust their product and reinvent their business in attractive and convenient ways. One of the key factors that should be enforced in any business is having the ability to adapt and enforce some of the basic marketing elements which generally is to look at the business from a customer’s point of view…show more content…
A very interesting example of an organization that has suffered greatly is the Lehman Brothers, this company used to be one of the most successful financial services firms that had acquired 691 billion dollars in assets and 25000 employees around the world, the organization collapsed in 2008 and filed for bankruptcy, the reason they have collapsed is that they invested in the mortgage market which is quite risky, they did not take into account the financial engagements they had to meet during bad times which lead to them being the largest bankruptcy to ever be filed till present day in the United states. According to a case study done by large business market researchers the collapse of the Lehman brothers had a major effect on financial markets worldwide for multiple weeks and shocked the Wall Street market for a long time. However this did benefit some organizations to learn from the mistakes that were done by other companies and take precautionary measures against financial breakdown because thousands of employees can suffer by the hands of a few incompetent people.
Implementing marketing strategies, this topic is perhaps most compulsory in any organization and also extremely
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