Factors That Can Influence Justice in Americal

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Factors That Can Influence Justice In America There are several factors that can influence justice in America. I find that you can read and look up information all day on justice in America as far back as history goes. The constitution of the United States and the Supreme Court help set laws and regulations of factors that influence America. Factors that can influence justice in America can vary in topic from race, crime, prisons, policing, even courts. Organized crime is one of the factors that can influence justice in
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Such strategy may include targeting high crime areas, increased patrols, traffic stops, profiling, undercover and sting operations, wiretapping, surveillance, and aggressive raids and searches designed to break the back of criminal activity. Proponents argue that certain individual rights must be sacrificed for the common good. The positive effects of the strategy are obvious in that criminals and criminal activity become the direct target of law enforcement (Frank Schmallegar, 1999). The strengths and weaknesses of the crime control model have been demonstrated but not about due process! Should the American Justice system be focused solely upon the fundamental freedoms and individual rights of each citizen? The due process model demands a careful and informed consideration of the facts of each individual case. According to the model, law enforcement agents must recognize the rights of the suspect during arrest, questioning, and handling. In addition, the constitutional guarantees must be considered by judges and prosecutors during trials. The primary mission of the process model is to protect innocent people from wrongful conviction. It is doubtful that many would argue against the fact that we must engage in sufficient efforts to protect those who may be falsely accused. However, many argue

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