Factors That Caused By Chinese Tourists

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2.1 Overview
The methodology used in collecting and analyzing the data of this research will be described. The secondary data were collected to guide and support the study, and the primary data were collected to meet the objectives. Moreover, research and sample design, pilot test, data analysis methods will be described in the following.
2.2 Secondary Data Collection
The study specifically investigates the problems caused by Chinese tourists. Both exploratory research and descriptive research were applied. The former one was done through studying relevant literatures and the latter one was done by conducting questionnaire survey to gather primary data from the Hong Kong resident about their perception of Chinese tourists. According to
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Questionnaire survey was used as the major tool for data collection.
The rising popularity of survey research and the growing number of Internet users in the 1990 led quite naturally to increased use of the Internet to deliver surveys to collect responses (Balch, 2007).
With a number of anti and support parallel traders or Individual Visit Scheme group were formed in social media. Internet Survey is the best way to reach the target respondents. A questionnaires in English and Traditional Chinese with 36 questions were sent to Facebook, Line and Forum as well as hand distribution. In this study, the perception of Hong Kong resident towards Chinese tourists, especially the problems caused by Chinese tourists in the consideration of the Hong Kong resident. And the demographic data of the Chinese tourists which the respondents were encounter with 63 were collected.
2.4 Questionnaire Design
In this survey, nearly all the questions in the questionnaire were close ended. It was more comprehensive for Hong Kong residents to finish the questionnaire within 20 minutes. A 16 paged questionnaire in traditional Chinese was used in this research with English version of the questionnaire for reference. As the survey was initially written in English and then translated into Chinese. There were totally 36 questions in the questionnaire. Sub-questions were designed in
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