Factors That Contribute to Equality of Individuals in Essay

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Social factors that contribute to a diverse and equal society in which we live in
Ethnicity: ethnicity defines people and groups who share characteristic such as language, religion, dress, and origin. Discrimination can happen when people consider the ethnic characteristics of other people inferior to their own.
Faith: faith gives people spiritual beliefs and in influences their cultural traditions and what they celebrate. Discrimination can happen when people assume that their beliefs and practices based on their faith are the rights ones and that everyone should believe in and so the same as them
Culture: the language we speak, the food we eat, our dress code, out behaviour and put lifestyle are all part of our culture. Our culture
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Social class: social class is normally linked to a person’s income and the sort of job they do. People may discriminate against other people because they are of a different social class to themselves.
Geographical location: people can be very proud of the area that they live on or were born in. different places follow different customs, practices and beliefs.
Biological factors that contribute to a diverse and equal society in which we live in
Learning disabilities
A learning disability is caused by the way the brain develops. There are many different types and most develop before a baby is born, during birth or because of a serious illness in early childhood. A learning disability is life long and usually has a significant impact on a person's life.
People with a learning disability find it harder than others to learn, understand and communicate. People with profound and multiple learning disabilities need full-time help with every aspect of their lives - including eating, drinking, washing, dressing and using the toilet.
Physical disabilities
A physical disability is impairment which limits the physical function. Some causes of a physical disability are acquired before birth, for example, the mother may have a disease or genetic incompatibilities between the parents, which is then passed on to the child. Another cause is during birth, this could be cause of lack of oxygen that affects the brain. You can also have
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