Factors That Contribute to Success of Adidas

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Introduction Today, sport plays one of the significant roles in everyday life of people around the world, whether for those who actively participate in it or just supporter and spectators. In most of the western countries, this past of social life is widely reported on and reflected by the mass media. Sport activity has not only become a great entertainment, occupation and lifestyle, but also a solid business as well. Adidas Corporation is one of the famous marketers of sports apparel and athletic shoes among others. The founder of Adidas, Adi Dassler through his own marketing strategy which rests on a favourable brand image, has evolved into a large multinational enterprise. In order to keep with the brand image, Adidas came out with the…show more content…
Besides that, Adidas has also cultivated and extended partnerships with the athletics such as Maurice Green (case study). The participation and endorsement of sport celebrities and athletics not only can attract the brand’s follower but also can maintain the consumer’s loyalty on Adidas. Moreover, using ambassador in advertising created brand awareness among the consumers which would benefits the organization productivity as well. Adidas Corporation has also continuing sponsor major sport events such as Olympic Games and support of some of the world’s top athletes and teams which helped Adidas successfully position inside as the brand of choice in sport as one way of their marketing strategy. As a result, Adidas has once again led the industry with award of winning advertising and public relations campaigns in support of its FIFA World Cup sponsorship (case study). Moreover, Adidas had organized the campaign of “Reborn Old Sports Shoes” in the two months period ( ). This promotion is only available at specific Adidas stores. However, it can attract customers and give them a chance to trade in the old Adidas sports shoes in order to get new sports shoes. They can get the rebate if they buy a new Adidas sports shoes during the trade in. On the other hands, it is actually a discount for the customers who buy the new sports shoes. Technology The fourth factor is technology. Nowadays, technology is growing rapidly and brings

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