Factors That Form a Person’s Individual Ethics

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Ethics are behaviour and act of a person, a study of proper thought and conduct; how we should behave. Ethics are disciplines of morally acceptable conduct of individuals, which also includes moral duty and social obligations to other individuals and society.

It is also a theory or systematic study of moral values that assists individuals in deciding whether an act is moral or immoral, right or wrong, good or evil; therefore ethics are relative and not absolute. It serves as a guide in choosing the right course of action when we are confronted with ethical issues that may be personal, varies, complex, uncertain occurrences, mixed consequences.

A person’s decision when dealing with what is right and wrong behaviours depends on the
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Parents played the role in encouraging a child and teenage to share their belongings with siblings; stationeries, food, gifts, clothes, stories and allowances. Eventually these kids will have a stronger bond with their brothers and sisters in their adulthood. Lending a generous hand to their brothers and sisters is viewed as ethical be it moral support or monetary, seeing the practice as a form of giving without expectation of any return. A close example would be parents who will prepare extra food for kids to be shared to classmates at school are ethics viewed as appropriate.

Second example is parents who stressed on fairness and equal rights as justice. When this ethics is being applied when they are adults in business world, it would probably be right where products and service are provided to all customers regardless of background. Equal division, not being prejudice or bias on distribution can influence the kids to develop an ethics on absolute fairness, absolute calculation on every dollar and cents. These individuals see the action to be ethical when there is equal distribution of rights and burden. But these individuals may not be very flexible in sharing with people in their circle as what matters more to them would be the expectation of the return on investment. Parents may remind their kids the ethics of giving a return favour for any help received but and individual might also develop the
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