Factors That Have The Strongest Factors Of Job Behavior

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In line with “Factors that Have the Strongest Influence over Work Behaviors” from Figure 2.15 and how each of the factors is managed by SAS, I wish to present my Submission thus.
According to figure 2.15 page 106 of the Text. Four cardinal Work behaviors are Identified as
1. Job Performance. 2. Organizational Citizenship.

3. Absenteeism.

4. Turnover.

Carpenter, M; Bauer; Erdogan,B.(2010)
For each of these four work behaviors, there are factors that have the strongest influence to determining the achievement of these behaviors in an organization and here we shall be gauging these factors, alongside how SAS a software Company in the US. managed each.
The Four Strongest Factors are as follows

This factor, is indicated for Job
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The general mental ability

of an employee, as his or her cognitive ability or intelligence is divided into components such as
Reasoning, verbal and numerical skills, and analytical skills Carpenter, M; Bauer; Erdogan,B.(2010).

The ability for an employee to function and achieve high levels of Job performance depends on this

factor. SAS as a Software Organization, believes in getting the best capable hands and motivating

them through perks and uncommon munificence.

SAS believes in giving its employees the opportunity work on Interesting and challenging projects.

Software engineers have great opportunity to develop cutting-edge software that will be used around

the world.

The CEO Jim Goodnight says “What makes SAS work are the New Ideas that come out of his

employee’s brains’( Quoting Jim Goodnight from Crowley, M.C .(2013)). I do agree with this strategy of

SAS managing the factor of mental abilities of her employees, to enhance Job Performance.


As the strongest influencing factor for Organizational citizenship Behavior involves having a

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