Factors That Impact The Learning Process Of Students With Learning Disabilities

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The article discussed several factors that impact the learning process of students with learning disabilities. Along with a presentation and analysis of these factors, authors also provided a vast amount of evidence from previous research studies conducted by investigators from the past ten to twenty years regarding the subject matter. While discussing the background related to reading difficulty, the authors point out that there has been an increased diagnosis of learning disabilities over the past twenty years (p. 114). It was also stated that over 2,887,217 school-aged children receive services for learning disabilities due to developmental delays in reading (p.113). The primary problem being discovering which instructional approach to be the most beneficial: whole-language or direct instruction. As defined in the article, whole-language provides a child centered approach where children learn to read and write through the means of a completed text. Direct instruction is defined as a teacher centered approach where instructors teach specific skills (p. 114). Within the discussion, research from various studies has shown both approaches to be effective; though both approaches contain gaps which can be debated among investigators to determine which is best for the average student discussed. Based on the two presented instructions, authors are implying that it is up to the instructor to learn and identify which approach would be most beneficial for students. The
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