Factors That Impacted Effective Diabetes Management Within The Native American Population

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Type Two Diabetes
Both quantitative and qualitative research studies provide healthcare professionals with valuable information, albeit from different perspectives. While quantitative studies emphasize numerical and statistical measurements, qualitative studies focus on themes and concepts related to a phenomenon. The following discussion contrasts these two types of research approaches as they relate to the topic of type 2 diabetes mellitus and considers the value of qualitative research within the body of science.
Comparison of Two Articles Some differences existed between two articles in the literature that addressed the topic of type 2 diabetes, each one from a different approach. Fuller, et al. (2015) conducted a quantitative
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Thus, qualitative data is rich in detail, unlike quantitative data, which involves discrete data points. The data collection methods also differed between these two articles. Fuller, et al. (2015) conducted physical assessments, including the measurement of cholesterol levels in blood and vital signs, nutritional analysis, and several different questionnaires. The questions on these surveys were closed-ended and yielded numerical findings. In contrast, Shaw, et al. (2013) conducted individual interviews using open-ended questions. These interviews yielded a narrative, rather than numbers. The data analysis methods reflected the types of data collected. Fuller, et al. (2015) used statistical tests, such as linear regression and ANOVA, to analyze the numerical data. Shaw, et al. (2013), on the other hand, analyzed transcribed narratives for the presence of recurring themes. The analysis procedures for the quantitative study were conducted using computer software, but the analysis of the qualitative study conducted by careful reading and manual coding of narrative data.
Advantages and Disadvantages of Quantitative and Qualitative Studies Quantitative studies possess some of advantages and disadvantages when compared with other approaches. Advantages of qualitative studies include a large sample size, objectivity, less time-consuming data collection, and the
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