Factors That Increase The Risk Of Developing Breast Cancer

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List the factors in the patient’s history that increase the risk of developing breast cancer.
Breast cancer is a type of cancer that can be identified early by looking at the risk factors and family history that a patient has for the specific disease. Because Thompson had a family history where her mother and cousin had breast cancer, her chances are increased. Because she is older than 50 and has never had children and is still having her menstrual cycle are indicators to show that she has breast cancer. If Ann has not been living an active lifestyle, her chances are greatly increased or if she is overweight the likelihood of contracting breast cancer increases.
Describe her possible signs of breast cancer.
Mrs. Ann Thompson has several signs of breast cancer that she has noticed herself. She has been doing regular breast self-examination and because of that, she has found a lump in her breast. Even though she may not have pain with the lump, which is a true characteristic of a malignant tumour. If she has discolouration/redness of the breast and thickening of the skin (depending on how far the cancer has grown), these are also signs of breast cancer. Ann also might have fatigue and weight loss due to the systemic pain or sickness that she might feel. There are many other signs that could be evident, but these are just a few that are most likely for Ann.
Explain why this lump is not typical of a benign condition.
Generally, in a malignant tumour of the breast, there is…
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