Factors That Influence Adolescent Development

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In your opinion, what are the two most important factors that influence adolescent development? Adolescence represents the transition from childhood to adulthood and contains many changes for the individual physically, emotionally and socially. Adolescents use this transition period to explore their surroundings and to develop their own identity. Two of the most important factors which influence adolescent development are the family system and their social network. The family structure surrounds the adolescent and the parenting unit convey their personal beliefs and values beginning with childhood. The individual is taught to function in society, to dress a certain way, to behave in a certain manner and to decide right from wrong. Family beliefs and values are strong and parents are the first to introduce ideas to adolescents and act as their system of support and information. Studies present information stating support and control by the parent greatly influence the psychological functioning of the adolescent. More support and less psychological control is associated with higher social competence and less psychological issues like depression (Hunter, Barber & Stolz, 2015). Another factor is the adolescents social network. The social influences begin when the adolescent begins to find their identity and to participate in activities which no longer involve just their family. Adolescents look to their peers to decide what activities in which they will participate, clothing
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