Factors That Influence Cognitive, Social And Physical Development

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There are factors that can influence cognitive, social and physical development. Everyone develops at a different pace. Tyra Beckett development was different and not easy. But she overcame her challenges and became the person she is today. Tyra Beckett is a native New Yorker, who moved to Virginia. She has faced many obstacles in her life such as not speaking until three, having a speech impediment, losing her father, being bullied and stressing in college. She plans on finding a career in Human service, helping the community and finding love. At a young age she was taught about spirituality. She attended bible studies, events and church every Sunday and holiday. Her spirituality has been a positive influence on her and her decisions. Spirituality and her development will continue to affect her decision into the rest of her life. Everything Tyra is today is because of her spirituality and belief in God. Introduction Tyra Beckett is s twenty-one years old student. Her family consists of her mother Theresa her father Hezekiah, her sister Kia, and herself. Her family is native to New York. They are a Christian African American family. Her mother is fifty four years old, her father is fifty years old and her sister is twenty four years old. They now reside in Richmond, Virginia. Everyone has experiences that they’ve experienced recently or in the past in their lives. Tyra is the person she is today due to her experiences. There are many influencing factors that
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