Factors That Influence Communication And The Strategies

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Factors that influence communication and the strategies to overcome them. Communication is a two way process which two individuals participate in in-order to understand the view point and ideas of each other. “Communication is a cycle because when two people communicate they need to check that their ideas have been understood”. (Health and Social Care L3 book 1, page 18) This process however doesn’t always go accordingly, which then leads to barriers arising. Interpersonal interaction is the process that individuals go through in order to share their ideas and feelings. Interpersonal interaction skills can be improved through knowledge, practice, feedback and reflection. Being able to understand the importance of interpersonal interaction is essential in maintain a healthy relationship with one’s own family, in the work environment and also in social settings. As part of my report, I will be explaining the different types of factors that can influence the way people interact with each other and also the strategies that are used in health and social care to over these barriers. P3: Factors that influence communication and interpersonal interactions. Cultural influences: Cultural influence refers to the customs, language, dietary habits and attire of a particular group of people. Cultural influences also include the values, beliefs and behaviours that an individual has learnt over time. Spoken and no-verbal communication will be interpreted differently depending on the
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