Factors That Influence Consumers in Their Purchase and Consumption of Enchiladas

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Introduction The relationship people have with food is a complex one. On a simple, biological basis, it seems rather straightforward: we are hungry, and we need calories in order to expend energy and function to do our daily tasks. This may have been true in the early days, when our ancestors were engaged in gathering and hunting for the purpose of survival. However, in contemporary society, we are inundated with choices. With the myriad of options available to us, we have to consider a number of factors before ultimately deciding on the food we will put into our bodies. Some things to be considered are cost, preparation time and convenience, appeal to the palate, and nutritional content. There are also less quantifiable factors, such as the appeal of "comfort food," or the desire to eat foods that are culturally significant, such as ethnic cuisine. In this research proposal, the premise to be investigated is the manner in which consumers purchase a particular food item in this case, enchiladas with regard to two specific variables: cost and nutritional content. The theory being proposed is that when it comes to food, people's behaviors are often influenced in ways that are not immediately discernible. Often, a number of factors are involved in the ultimate decision that is made. With that in mind, this proposal will focus on two specific areas that impact individuals' decisions to purchase and consume this item: the price of the item, and the sodium content of the item.

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