Factors That Influence Emotional Expression

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How often do you have trouble expressing your emotions? Many people struggle with the art of expressing emotions. Expressing one 's emotions can be a difficult task, and can be made even more difficult if you don 't understand what influences your emotions. There are many different factors that can influence how we express our emotions. Knowing what those influences are can help people better understand and communicate through emotions. There are three different factors that influence emotional expression. These influences include your culture, one 's display roles, and your gender. Although these three influences are found to be some of the most important, there are multiple others like one 's personality, their social conventions, their fear of self-disclosure, and even emotional contagion. All these factors come together to influence a person 's emotional expression. Understanding all these influences can better help express your emotions.
The first factor that influences emotional expression would be the cultural differences. Emotions tend to be thought of as a universal, but in some cultures, the community’s emotion and feelings are placed over the individual. For example, in many eastern cultures (Asia and Europe) the community is placed above the individual, but now in new western cultures like the Americas, the cultures tend to be more individualistic meaning the individual is placed over the collective whole. A study done in the "science daily" article proves this…
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